What happened to me this past weekend

See I promised a new blog post…

To say there are moments in one’s life that are defining, is well quite frankly cliché, but in the case of The Alberta Party Policy Convention this past weekend in Red Deer, at the risk of sounding cliché, it was a defining moment.

We have heard it said “we learn something new everyday”. I often will remark to my wife or kids or the cat, hmmm I learned something new today. Last weekend I feel like I absorbed a library. Tammy helped me learn about “social entrepreneurism” and I was proud to support her motion to make it policy in harmony with Community Economic Development. Duncan enlightened me on Feed In Tariffs, with his thought provoking discussion about them. I’m not convinced yet, the once ruggedly beautiful West Texas landscape has had its famous horizon obliterated by everyone and their longhorn slapping up a wind turbine, but I learned much from him. I did support him on something I understand greatly, being basically (since I was 17) a lifelong member of the Energy Industry, geothermal energy. It has enormous ramifications for future “fuel” but also for the needs of the energy industry TODAY. I have every confidence that our esteemed policy committee will not leave it hanging like a dangling participle on the end of a resolution. Sheri (sp?) and some of the other members of our health discussion opened my eyes to mental health issues and health issues of seniors that I sat and took in with rising frustration and anger at how a PROVINCE with a GDP at one time larger than that of a vast number of COUNTRIES could allow this to happen. Rahim taught me so much about democratic reform and TED as I sat and listened to him. I learned about the “birth of a new political movement” back in 1971 from David. Do most Albertans know about this or understand the paradigm shift that occurred then? Do most even know about the Social Credit party and the grip of power that they held on the Province? I certainly remember it from school, “Social Studies” along with History, English, French and Psychology were my strengths. I won’t go to the rest… Stefan taught me much about film credits and expanded view on the arts and culture in this province. I was thrilled to support and help pass that CRITICALLY IMPORTANT resolution. It is AN ISSUE I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT AND ADAMANT ABOUT as a performer, board member and financial contributor, that a society devoid of culture is a society that is devoid of substance and soul. Substance and soul are the building blocks for all human endeavour. We have lost our way, we throw $$ to arts and culture and tell them to go away until the next grant application, which has now become a business. We allow our symphony orchestras to be watching the grim reaper fly over their heads during a concert and wait until on their dying breath a CORPORATION bails them out. Then the public has the audacity to speak about the “commercialization and sell out” of the Arts. Nonsense. There’s so much more I could say that I learned, but an incredible lesson for me was that someone other than a Ukrainian or Argentinean (my ancestral roots) could play the accordion or bandoneón like that, thanks Edwin ;o)

I came away from the Convention and stopped at the Donut Mill in Gasoline Alley and it was like summer camp all over again. I felt a loss, a sense of will I ever see these people again? What do I do now? How will I survive without my “fix” or to use Don Braid’s latest terminology “a high” from the discussion, debate and discourse that occurred. I have to go back to being a contrarian CEO in the oil soaked world of energy. I have to put together financing for massive shallow natural gas plays in Saskatchewan and Alberta when because you can’t pave a road or seal your canoe with the stuff that comes out of our wells, no one wants to listen, including I might add the Provincial Regulators at the ERCB and SMER who are actually penalizing natural gas producers now due to the downturn in the price of the commodity. At $70-80+ oil, heavy oil and oilsands projects carry a positive Liability rating while only the very deep and expensive gas wells in the Province carry such a rating. Basically all conventional gas wells above 1500m (the stuff of the vast majority of ALBERTA BASED JUNIORS) will undoubtedly carry a negative or close to break even Liability Rating, but again, as is typical with me, I digress. My head is too full.

But…lo and behold, “social media” comes to the rescue. Through blogging, tweeting and breaking away from building my “Mafia Empire” on Facebook to post there, I have uniquely intertwined this amazing, gifted and acutely intelligent group of Albertans into the fibre of my day. We are weaving a tapestry together of ideas, hopes, dreams and fears into an unbreakable bond of unity of thought and purpose. That Alberta has changed before, when THE PEOPLE, wanting so much more, truly needing so much more from their politicians, demanded it.

For what it is worth I did make a valiant effort to try to put more bums in the seats in Red Deer, Connie can vouch for that. While unsuccessful  I’ve had a half-dozen inquiries since the weekend. Even my best buddy in the world, who sometimes I forget that she is or should be, my wife Audrey after seeing my “mo” ( http://ca.movember.com/mospace/1187860/) and my side profile and back of my head on CBC and various online “newspaper” articles has proof I was at a political convention in Red Deer, and is getting excited and vocal about how we can create change. Here is/was my heartfelt plea for new members or at least attendees that I posted on Facebook after talking to Michael (who taught me grace under fire) as we almost summarily drove a CRITICAL AND FUNDAMENTAL CORNERSTONE OF NEW POLICY, the shift from coal based electricity, to COMMITTEE!! My musings below sum up my beliefs and aspirations for this incredible place we call home. After I figure out how to cut and paste that, I better get back to running an energy company. I HAVE TO COORDINATE INSTALLING A LINER around my 0.7 ppm SALT WATER tank and my NATURAL GAS WELL, oh to be CNRL!

You love living in this Province and in Canada. Every time you turn on the news and watch yet another global conflict or disaster you feel thankful and blessed that you live in a country that allows you to be free from so many of the things that plague and impact the lives of those we share this planet with. BUT you can’t help feeling that still all is not well. You have dreams and hopes and aspirations for your life and for the lives of your family and friends. You can’t help but think that there are ways that your government is not truly speaking for you or at least doesn’t seem to be listening to you. Quite frankly when you take time to think about it, you do have some misgivings about the future. Elections… you forgot to vote. You didn’t vote because you hadn’t a clue who to vote for, “they all” seem the same to you. Someone IS listening. Someone ISN’T like ALL THE REST. Someone WANTS TO HEAR what your hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations are. Someone wants YOU TO BE PART OF THE PROCESS. We’ve all heard politicians and political parties talk about CHANGE. CHANGE will never come unless THE PEOPLE are part of that change. I invite all my friends to explore www.albertaparty.ca. Check out the exciting JUST RELEASED POLICY GUIDELINES! READ THEM, it’s not a typical “election flyer”. If you like what you see, ASK QUESTIONS. If you REALLY LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, join me in Red Deer, November 13 & 14 for the Policy Convention. I promise you it won’t be a boring political rally. Come feel like you are part of the process. Come BE part of the process. FACEBOOK November 4th, 2010

See I need more than 140 characters. Have an amazing day!

~ by lotsofenergy aka Chris D. Tesarski on November 17, 2010.

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