Looking for a Saviour…A discussion of Leadership after being tweeted by Jesus M Christ

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the topic of political leadership lately on the heels of our (The Alberta Party) incredible policy Convention that occurred two weekends ago in Red Deer, the “Nenshi Effect” and the famous Cookiegate, not to mention most importantly the shameful “Penthouseization” of Ms. Danielle Smith in a recent “article” which has been making its rounds on the Tweetosphere. After Jesus M. Christ tweeted the other day it was almost like a sign. The time has come to speak about this all important topic.

You can fight with my Theology if you should so choose, but the “Saviour” himself told us that “the last shall be first and the first shall be last” and that a prophet is without honour in his own home. Prophets typically didn’t make out so well with the leadership side of things ending up on the losing end of knives, spears, mouths of lions, etc. but they did in fact tell the truth and typically had a pretty good grasp on the issues of the day. In the meantime the people just kept looking around for “the Saviour”. While the “leaders” kept whispering “sweet nothings, literally and figuratively”, but hey it was what they “wanted to hear”. Everything was fine. Don’t worry about the Romans, they’re actually pretty nice guys if you indulge them a bit, follow everything they tell you and don’t cause any trouble. Oh right and pay whatever taxes they want you to, don’t ask about allocation. Roads, cities, monuments, orgies, its all fine it will all work out. Cookies anyone?

And so we come to Bobby Hull, and the SEE EDMONTON ARTICLE of last week! Really, Bobby Hull, and the WHL?? this is the analogy drawn about Ms. Smith, Leader of the Wildrose Alliance and then the strange “Penthousian” ramblings about her attire and party membership. This is what it has all come to? This is what leadership means in this place we call home, a place where the head of one of the largest and most critical parts of our system, the AHS is characterized as the Cookie Monster on the front page of a local newspaper and laughed at by all people, my 5 year old with her 2 year old brother chiming in giggling “COOKIE”. These are the Saviours we have put up to lead us forward? While I find the characterization of Ms. Smith absurd, if she was truly speaking with all of the intelligence and charisma that she allegedly possesses there would be no need to characterize her as, well, I won’t go there. And the famous Mr. Duckett, what more can be said. Volumes were written, oh yes they were, about his ability to calm the stormy seas of health care, turn the tepid, unsterilized water of the Alberta Healthcare System into a rich Malbec of efficiency both in care delivery and management, with quality that had the aforementioned Divine Mr. Duckett walking on the troubled waters of the Glenmore alighting on the shore, reaching out to have the hem of his Armani simply touch the front door of the Rockyview Hospital and all would be healed. He is now a familiar Sesame Street caricature that makes my little preschoolers giggle.

And oh yes we should never forget our Lord and Master, the Holy Horse Racer of the Louis himself, King of Kings, Ralph. If ever there was a man touched by the divine in this Province, it was He and at his feet were the disciples who now have been given the keys to the kingdom, but while feasting on anything but hyssop and unleavened bread they have grown fat off the land and completely lost the keys to anything, but they know exactly where the cookie jar is and despite getting theirs and their friends hands caught in it we simply give them a lukewarm 30-40% wag of our collective fingers and send them back to their “tax free”rooms to think about what they’ve done or in the case of this government, haven’t done. We shuffle these paragons of politics around trusting that a change of scenery will shake a few of the mental dust bunnies loose, they are the chosen after all. Cookies anyone?

We have a group of “political elite”, establishment at least in this Province who have the collective experience in their areas of responsibility of a filing clerk, but with all due respect to filing clerks everywhere, at least filing clerks follow a plan and are typically 20 years at least the Junior of these Masters of our collective destiny. It is called a resume, but sadly the vast number of MPs and MLAs in this Province believe it to be pronounced REE ZUME as in get voted in and resume typical sleight of hand with the voters by seeking consultation and going on “fact finding missions” thus our Energy Minister’s tour of “shooting sites” in Abu Dhabi for Sex in the City 2. Perhaps he is going to try the Culture portfolio in his “Monopolyesque” tour of the Cabinet gameboard. This after the answer to Arts and Culture in Alberta felt it appropriate to comment with inappropriate comments to some lesser knowns gathered at a minor cultural event, The Banff World Television Festival that actually involved arts and culture, unfortunately for the esteemed Minister, not the Progress Club, electronics or Community sports (see below). All of which are fantastic, but as CBC (a profanity amongst the elite group previously described above) would say DEFINITELY NOT THE OPERA! It is heartening though that prior to each performance during the season of Calgary opera that my old pal Bob McPhee, Calgary Opera’s Saviour, literally and figuratively must announce the presence of our Province’ Cultural Sage.

Lindsay Blackett,

  • Director, Tuscany Community Association, May 2007 to March 2008
  • President, Canadian Progress Club, Calgary Downtown, May 2006 to May 2007
  • Director, Canadian Progress Club, Calgary Downtown: 2002 to March 2008
  • Progressian of the Year, Canadian Progress Club Calgary Downtown, 2003 to 2004, also a National Finalist the same year
  • Coach, Tuscany Soccer Program, 2003 to 2008
  • Assistant coach, Bow River Bruins Hockey Association, 2006 to 2008
  • Henry Burris All-Star Weekend in aid of BBBS: 2005 to 2007
  • Big Brother, Big Brothers of Ottawa Carleton Region: 1986 to 1989

From 1979 to 1982 Mr. Blackett attended Carleton University in the bachelor of arts program.

Prior to his election as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta Mr. Blackett worked as a:

  • Technical Sales Representative for Arrow Electronics, Calgary, 2000 to 2008 (was a finalist in 2005 for Pacesetter Award for highest 5 per cent sales in North America)
  • General Sales Manager for Future Electronics, Seattle, 1994 to 2000
  • Product Specialist for Future Electronics, Montreal, 1994 to 1995
  • Corporate Sales Executive for Marlin Travel,1990 to 1992
  • Special Assistant in the Prime Minister′s Office, March 1985 to July 1986
  • Youth Convention Coordinator for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada AGM, Montreal, March 1986
  • Coordinator for the Job Ontario Youth Summer Employment Program, Algonquin College, 1990

And now to the Messiah of Meadowlark, Raj Sherman. What will he do now? I tweeted, twittered, whatever the other day, stand up, name names and get to the root of the problem. I just replaced my toilet. My wife came home from teaching her class which promotes “healthy eating and a lifestyle of weight management” for a group which shall remain nameless, and for which I am constantly reminded of my need, but once again I digress, there was great rejoicing we had a low flush toilet installed in our 1950’s Bridgeland gem. I, many nights could be found uttering similar epithets used by Minister Blackett in the early hours of the morning after numerous attempts to plunge the depths of Calgary’s inner city sewer treatment to unclog it, always with a gurgle of success, only to repeat several days later. I finally decided I had plunged enough. I took action. I did not blame former plumbers who at rates similar to my Corporate Legal Counsel had pronounced the toilet fixed. I removed it, learned what a wax ring was, endured “soil” on my hands, and other body parts that I believe is now finally all cleansed away after nearly a month. Our toilet works like a dream. The new engineering is fantastic. I’m amazed constantly at the ease in which 4-6L goes down the drain depending on the button you press. Despite the “flush” of euphoria though, I forgot to measure the height of the tank. When my five year old almost got her hand stuck trying to flush it, I knew my wife and I were in fact headed for certain disaster and broken appendages if we attempted to flush. Again action had to be taken. This was a painful measure, it involved removing some of the historic pressboard cabinet which covered the top of the old historic toilet tank which flushed on the front, so that we could reach under and flush the new shiny environmentally friendly toilet (see my Operatic blog, “Kumbaya…”see I’m taking steps) on the top! I approached my wife with the news, the decision was made to cut! But now we flush with joy. Mr. Sherman, with all due respect, the toilet has been plugged for a very long time, spilling over the side, you were well aware of the plumbing problems when you “bought into the house”. We are proud of you now, but let’s not hide from the facts. Name the names, replace the toilet, cut out the shelf and move forward. You will feel so much better. Backtracking with “poor Gene”and “poor Ron” statements is like putting on the new wax ring and then continuing to plunge! If we smell cookies baking in Meadowlark, we will know the gig is up!!

What surprises me is that I hear rumblings coming out of the media and actually some of the attendees to our historic Alberta Party Convention that we need a Saviour. WE NEED BOBBY HULL! Really? Raj Sherman to lead the Alberta Party? After an emotional day watching my son graduate from U of C (my new blog, “Getting Rid of Peter and Paul… Excusing Away Government Waste by Blaming it on Another Level of Government”) I had the good fortune to listen to Jim Dinning speak passionately about his new role as Chancellor of the University. A fantastic and moving speech that left you wondering how in the world the Vicar of Vegreville managed to beat him out for the leadership BUT do not forget that the Divine Dinning sat close to the Holy Horse Racer himself for many years. Now suddenly in retirement touted as a potential Leader of the Alberta Party. Jim Prentice the Redeemer from Rosedale, fresh off his hardship laden new appointment as Vice Chair of CIBC, a little upstart bank from Eastern Canada, owned primarily by a struggling Chinese businessman Li Ka-Shing, who owns 86% of Husky, a small little upstart Energy Company from Calgary. Really? And then our Marvelous Messianic Marlboroughian, His Worship Mayor Nenshi!!! Other sitting PC MLAs tweeted out from the Last Supper of the PCs??? Wow…Looking for a Messiah.

Donning my theological hat briefly, indulging me a Messianic moment, whether you want to believe Jesus was a wisdom teacher, the Son of God, one of the greatest prophets after Muhammad, or a Jewish revolutionary is your business, but the TEXTS are clear. It was when he spoke that he spoke bold, grating truths that the people, especially “the rulers” needed to, but often didn’t want to hear BUT to the common person, educated and non educated, to the rich and poor alike who would listen and follow those bold, simple truths IT MADE SENSE! Sound familiar? He wasn’t a member of the establishment, in fact he consorted with all of the “anti-establishment”. He wasn’t the richest guy in town, a skilled craftsman, but that’s all. He didn’t seek to bring a bunch of people on board who had an influential “network” BUT he did seek to bring people to him whose skillsets could be cultivated into the skillsets needed to launch a “revolution”. A new sort of kingdom, one built on the principle of love and concern for your fellow human being. Peace on Earth and GOODWILL TO ALL HUMANKIND (paraphrased). Children, seen and not heard in ancient culture were regarded as the “keys to the kingdom”. Women often despised and “unclean” were seen to be valuable and vitally important. Jesus and his disciples relied on a network of strong women throughout Palestine and Judea to assist in the establishment of the ministry. It was this same group of individuals who became fundamental to the spread of the story after the death of Jesus, and it is where of course we get much of our Messianic references from which we draw on for our analogies in our society today. With Christmas so close at hand I can’t help but reflect on these things. Jesus said he didn’t come as a healer of the healthy, the healthy don’t need a doctor he said. I came to seek the sick and the dying, they need a doctor. By the way, Jesus knew the value of healing and health in such a disease ridden society as ancient Palestine that he had a doctor on board, the Apostle Luke.

Not that for one moment am I saying the new leader of the Alberta Party is or will be Jesus M Christ the individual who keeps twittering, could be an interesting Leadership Convention in 2011 though ;o) Such comparisons are simply meant to illustrate that this is what a “Messiah” really looked like, this is what the “Saviour” looked like. What is it that we truly need as a Province? What is it that we truly want? Deep down. More of the same? More of the establishment just in different robes? I’m not sure the 1000 or so people who at BIG LISTENS THROUGHOUT THE PROVINCE have mandated us with a task, a task to change Alberta and the “kingdom” wish for, or hope that we will bring on a member of the “Alberta Ruling Class”, people who clearly supported wholeheartedly the policies of this group of “disciples” enough to go into battle and carry forth the message, only to talk about changing their camp when it looks like things are getting “a little bit too hot”. I’m not sure aging hockey players are exactly the candidates we are looking for to lead us on to victory, albeit after all the bus rides they had to endure instead of the taxpayer funded jets of today, they certainly deserve a well earned retirement ;o) What I heard is that whatever the stripe that we need BOLD, FRESH, DYNAMIC AND MODERATE VIEWS BOLDLY AND STRONGLY ARTICULATED BY A LEADER who will SURROUND HER/HIMSELF WITH the most highly educated and QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS that will CREATE, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY EXECUTE POLICIES that reflect the hopes, dreams and aspirations of ALL ALBERTANS. In the words of the Alberta Party’s own “drummer girl”, Connie Jensen “…every Albertan has both wealth and power. The Alberta Party recognizes that. It is our new way of (doing) politics”. Let us hope that a leader rises among us who believes this to be the fundamental cornerstone of the Party’s policies, and the critical belief that guides and directs ALL the decisions The Alberta Party will make with and for the people of Alberta.

Let us hope at this blessed time of the year for so many of the cultures represented throughout this amazing place we ALL call home, that we be granted such a gift which will be shared by all of us, no matter what our political stripes, or economic status, or family background that ALBERTA WILL ONCE AGAIN BE A WORLD LEADER AND THE GREATEST PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY, EARN A LIVING AND ENJOY A RETIREMENT FROM DAYS OF WORK AND TOIL AND THAT SAME EFFORT IS HONOURED WITH EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT AND DIGNIFIED CARE.

Christmas is coming!!

~ by lotsofenergy aka Chris D. Tesarski on November 22, 2010.

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