Chris who ??… Info about me after being “exposed” by Sheila Pratt

Who the heck is Chris D. Tesarski, and why should I care, and why should I want him to run for Leader of the Alberta Party??

All very valid questions and quite honestly they will need some very real answers over the next couple of months. However, I thought a good place to start would be with my “official Career Synopsis”. My friend Sheila does me a little more credit than I deserve. I have been employed in the OIL & GAS INDUSTRY for 27 years, since I was 17. Had I been running the same nat gas company for that long I would undoubtedly be seeking professional help or perhaps a medal of some sort as opposed to the leadership of a political party.

I have been politically involved in Provincial and Federal political campaigns and organizations in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, primarily for the PC party but also for the Alberta Liberal Party, and as a young boy of 13 shook PRIME MINISTER Joe Clark’s hand at a rally my father took me to and told him one day I would be just like him, I will leave it at that. He was and is a great man of integrity, despite some of his admitted political shortcomings. I was so proud to see him win his seat in Calgary for the PC PARTY (the real one) in an “anything but Reform” movement that swept our riding. So what, you say, hardly the qualifications to make you a Leader.

I have had extensive experience in the arts, business, energy, community groups, political organizations, and I tend to be chosen or gravitate to positions that see me providing leadership, direction and strategy. I’m not a very good “filer” or paper shuffler. I am a firm believer in collaboration, dialogue and big picture thinking and planning. Our province lacks much of that. We have a well established bureaucracy, some of which I am sure is very important and vital to our Province. I am hoping to be part of creating and developing A PLAN FOR ALBERTA AND ALL ALBERTANS, I am not interested in creating more bureaucracy.

Well Alberta, this is who I am. To be honest, being an “contrarian energy entrepreneur” read natural gas company CEO, in Alberta isn’t a whole lot of fun these days. There is very little empowerment for the multitude of Junior Energy firms that did at one point or still do attempt to have a significant LOCALIZED impact on Alberta’s oil and gas sector. There are very significant incentives for Sovereign Wealth Funds in this Province that admittedly, as Kate Easton a member of The Alberta Party has pointed out in her well informed blog, (I urge you to read it for an enlightened “big oil” viewpoint) do bring a lot of $$, BUT we have bypassed many Alberta “small enterprises” who everyday try to think and act with innovation and creativity to impact Alberta’s energy sector; in the race for much sexier international money and junkets for our Provincial Politicians. This needs to change if there is going to be ANY “ADVANTAGE” for ALBERTANS.

One other closing note. I have been described as an “Ivory Tower Academic”. While this might be the impression, it is a flattering misnomer. My Bachelor’s Degree comes from a CONSERVATIVE EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY, I absorb information and knowledge like a sponge. I read voraciously (when I can). I follow the news and soak up as much CBC and PBS as I can. It was my dream and at one time my goal to wear the velvet robes of a PhD in History. Four incredible children, two marriages and an energy career later, that goal eludes me thus far. Weightier issues now consume me. Despite not coming to much agreement with Ms. Higgins during the Calgary mayoralty campaign, during her “concluding speech” I became somewhat emotional listening to her as she related that she could no longer “sit and talk” about what was bothering her; she needed to take action and get involved. My interview with Sheila Pratt has now done that, I hope. It says I have had enough of “talking politics, talking about change” it is time to execute A PLAN FOR ALBERTA AND ALL ALBERTANS I am excited about the challenging days ahead. I look forward to the dialogue, not always pleasant I am sure, from every corner of this fantastic province.

I have a passion for this Province that I share with my fellow Albertans in the Alberta Party, a gifted and acutely intelligent group of amazing Albertans that I have uniquely intertwined into the fibre of my day. We are weaving a tapestry together of ideas, hopes, dreams and fears into an unbreakable bond of unity of thought and purpose. That Alberta has changed before, when THE PEOPLE, wanting so much more, truly needing so much more from their politicians, demanded it.

So this is me Alberta…

Christopher David Tesarski:  A Career Synopsis

Personal History:

Mr. Tesarski has had a career in the oil and gas industry which has spanned over two and a half decades, beginning with his first foray into the industry in 1983 with Canadian Occidental Petroleum in their Joint Venture Department. An excellent speaker, writer and communicator, Mr. Tesarski has used those skills to great benefit as he has had the opportunity to lead, shape and motivate companies to strategize and to grow with vision. Just as important though has been his emphasis on solid implementation of that vision through development of internal systems and processes which have led to greater efficiency. Mr. Tesarski was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1966, graduated from High School in Okotoks, Alberta in 1984 and Canadian Bible College & Theological Seminary in Regina, SK with his Bachelor’s Degree in 1987.

Systems Knowledge and Expertise:

From his first position at Canadian Occidental until today; Mr. Tesarski has built a reputation as a spreadsheet specialist utilizing all major spreadsheet systems to provide skilled management consulting services to numerous companies. Although known to be a skilled user, he has been called upon to implement his knowledge and skills to help strategize, design and implement PC based Production Accounting Systems, Joint Venture Revenue Systems, Gas Marketing & Control Systems, as well as strategic Acquisition & Divestiture Systems. Several of these internal systems have been used to integrate into commonly used data management systems within the industry.

Areas of Knowledge and Expertise:

  • A career of over 25 years in any industry means watching a lot of change and growth. It also means watching success and failure and learning how to analyze trends and strategize and plan so that success and not failure is repeated. Mr. Tesarski has well over a decade of Production Accounting expertise in BC, Alberta & Saskatchewan.
  • A Crown Royalty specialist in BC, Alberta & Saskatchewan, he has watched as the industry has moved from paper based reporting to the online, instant reporting we see today. Not one to sit idly by and just report data, his expertise in dealing with various provincial regulatory agencies and their numerous systems and departments has been utilized as department head for the Injection Scheme Task Force. In addition to this he served as the Alberta Government Royalty Simplification Task Force leader for several junior oil and gas companies in the 1990’s.
  • Mr. Tesarski has always been a strong proponent of integrating a company’s many departments into a cohesive force designed to promote and encourage corporate growth. This has led him to coordinate and lead several departments for several companies over the course of his career. He has coordinated Field Operations for Calgary offices. He has been responsible for control of all aspects of Gas & Liquids Marketing, both contract and “spot market trading”. His knowledge and expertise in Contract Administration & Analysis has seen him coordinate and facilitate strategic relationships between land departments and other facets of company’s operations.
  • His expertise in facilitation and strategic development led to his coordination and marketing of Non Core Asset Divestiture Programs for several companies, which in turn led to the development of his current company FWDSTEP Resources Limited. FWDSTEP has been a strong partner in marketing, facilitating and negotiating transactions in the challenging area of oil and gas acquisition and divestiture. Mr. Tesarski’s skills as a marketer, facilitator and negotiator have served him well as he has helped numerous companies with implementation of asset rationalization both in their strategies of acquisition and divestiture.
  • Mr. Tesarski’s extensive experience in Oil & Gas Contracts has led to his involvement in the creation of numerous contracts and agreements. He is called upon frequently to analyze and act in an advisory capacity on contractual matters prior to hiring of legal counsel. His knowledge and expertise in this area has served companies well as Mr. Tesarski has often ensured that organizations be spared unnecessary legal costs.

Corporate History:

The following is a partial list of companies where Mr. Tesarski has been employed or where his various consulting companies have had or have contracts. With over 20 years of career experience this list includes some companies that are not in existence as a result of mergers, etc.

Canadian Occidental (now Nexen), Grandalta Resources, BP Canada/Talisman, Okusan Energy, Canadian Pioneer Energy/Cimarron, Grandir Resources, Eravista/Torrington, Rustler Petroleum, Bearspaw Petroleum, Nexxtep Resources, Chancellor Energy, General Atlantic and Moraine Production Company, The Terra Group of Companies, EnCana, Enerplus, Husky Oil, TIRMOIL Energy Ltd., General Reef Corp., Arrow Energy Ltd., Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.

Although Mr. Tesarski’s career has meant full-time employment for some well known companies in the energy industry, for well over a decade his skills and expertise have been sought out by numerous companies in a senior advisory and consulting role. This resulted in Mr. Tesarski operating a consulting company called Visionwest Energy Services from 1993 to 1997. He then incorporated as THE OVERTURE CORPORATION in April 1997.  Overture was a company which methodically carved out a niche in the Commodity marketing and Acquisition & Divestiture sector of the energy industry. In 2002 it became FWDStep RESOURCES LIMITED. Overture started with its first project in late 1996, facilitating the purchase of a $400,000 unit interest for a client. By 2003/2004 FWDStep had helped to facilitate well over $100,000,000 worth of transactions in the energy industry.

In 2004, Mr. Tesarski lent his expertise in Oil & Gas Contract Analysis to assist in helping two major Canadian oil and gas companies facilitate closing procedures on well over $1.5 billion in assets.

In January 2005, Mr. Tesarski was asked to assist Husky Oil in managing their Northern Road Systems and establishing internal processes for long term strategic management of Husky’s road and Third Party Agreements. Mr. Tesarski was an integral part in the development of several regional initiatives for road management and business development in the Peace River/Slave Lake Area.

In September 2006, Mr. Tesarski was appointed CEO of Arrow Energy Ltd., a TSX Venture Exchange listed company. Mr. Tesarski grew the company from less than 100 BOE/d to over 300 BOE/d prior to his departure in July of 2008.

Since leaving Arrow, Mr. Tesarski has given leadership as President & CEO to an exciting new oil and gas venture, SANDBOX ENERGY CORP. The company has grown from ZERO production to approx. 100 boepd, with significant holdings in SW Saskatchewan (150+ sections @ 100% working interest), Thorsby, AB and Clyde, Texas.

On a personal note:

Mr. Tesarski is an active participant in Calgary’s Arts Community as performer, corporate sponsor and board member. His involvement with Calgary’s Opera, Dance, Theatre and the Visual Arts communities is well known. He sees corporate and individual involvement as being critical to the success of the community, but also to the success of an individual and corporation as a whole. He has also been an active volunteer with his children’s (Matthew (22), Mikhail (17), Sofia (5)) sports, school and extra curricular activities. In October 2008, he and his wife Audrey welcomed Oliver Johan Tesarski into the family.

Mr. Tesarski’s contacts and references both personal and corporate are one of his greatest assets, which he can bring without hesitation to any organization. He would welcome the opportunity to discuss these if requested and necessary.

He can be reached via email @ or by telephone at 403-512-5887.

~ by lotsofenergy aka Chris D. Tesarski on December 19, 2010.

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