The Inside of the Faceoff Circle is Getting Crowded… Why is everyone suddenly wanting to play “Centre”?

Orthodox Christmas ended for our family this weekend. I put away our Nativity scene from in front of our house and it was cold, bloody cold. Perhaps it was the cold, I’m not sure but I got quite angry. Angry that I was suddenly ending this “season of goodwill” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” for the first week, FULL WEEK back to the grind, but more importantly the “political grind”. Alberta would make a lousy hockey team, because everyone wants to play CENTRE. Quite frankly, I’m tired of it. So at the risk of a bench clearing brawl, I’m throwing down the gloves and putting up my fists and I’m going to fight for the CENTRE, the rest of you are going to have to take us on.

It is absolute nonsense what I read on Twitter et al about how every political party is out there in “the centre”. Rubbish! I watch endless tweets from the #pcaa and #wap about how “progressive” they are, how they truly are “balanced” parties, I cry STOP. Where are the Right Wingers? Where is the “minorities in the backroom” checking line? Where’s the Old Reform Party? Have they all passed away, God rest their souls? Now the “right” side of the political spectrum has been left with a bunch of young, centrist, progressive ideologues? C’mon let’s have a go! I hear the postings by “outraged Tories” that Uncle Ed and his band of merry men can hardly wait to rob from their rich friends and give it all out to the poor, what a load! Red Tories running the Leg? You do disservice to the age old term “Red Tory”. What absurdity to hear the Wildrose Alliance described as Centrist. It is almost offensive. They would do away with your Public healthcare and Education in a heartbeat, but for soundbites holler into the fray of the Legislature trying to pretend that they are “ashamed” of the government’s approach to management of “our public” healthcare in the Province. They cheer on Raj the Lionhearted with their mock angst ridden twittering, about “ending the debate”, shaming the government. Play your position, Ms. Smith. Play your positions “Honest Ed” et al. The Alberta Liberals led by their highly intelligent strategist Dr. David Swann, have shown a strategy of truly showing that they don’t really believe or stand for anything. Dr. Swann is a Left Winger, play your position. What on earth has happened to the NDP? Where is the Carpenters’ Hall religious fervour for full scale unionization of the Province? Where is the vocal and demanding fight for worker’s rights? Higher pay, higher benefits? Socialized everything? Where’s the Greens demanding that the Province be running completely on french fry grease and Crowsnest Pass wind? Where have they all gone? Apparently everyone is all lining up in the little red dot in the faceoff circle. Get off my dot, and play your positions.

I WANT HEALTHY DEBATE IN ALBERTA. I WANT TO DEMOCRACY IN ACTION. Part of that is strong and rigorous debate about major issues. Continuous shifting so as not to alienate voters, trying to catch “the other guy off guard” might be great strategy in chess, but it is disingenuous to Albertans. STATE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, HONESTLY. Don’t Twitter your day away pandering to voters with a bunch of muddled nonsense that doesn’t reflect for  a moment what your “power base” is donating to you to provide. Go out STATE YOUR CASE AND POSITION WITH CLARITY AND BOLDNESS. Declare to Alberta’s agriculture sector that large multinational food giants are the way of the future, the family farm is dead, what land you might still have if not lucrative for oil and gas royalties is needed for coal powered electrical generation. Get on with it Farmer Jones, sell to us, we are giving money this year to our friends at Cargill, 2010 was a rough year. We are simply “investing” in Alberta’s “long term” agricultural future. Ms. Smith stand up and cheer, you’d do the same thing had you gotten there first. Stand up once mighty socialists and say to same farmer we are converting your land to methanol production, so we can get rid of Non-Union Big Oil. And soy, to make Alberta a world leader in tofu processing all of this occurring on government managed “farming cooperatives”, wages and prices set of course in Edmonton. Don’t laugh Alberta Liberals there are many from those heady days of the “anyone but a PC” movement in certain Calgary Constituencies that would do just that.

Come out swinging. Give us something to work against. Everyone by now knows I am running for the Leadership of the Alberta Party #abparty, and I truly believe as do my fellow Party members that we are representative of the “middle ground”, in many ways the Common Ground that so many Albertans and Canadians share. Our Party is literally representative of all parts of the political spectrum coming together for a common purpose, to introduce a PLAN for Alberta and ALL Albertans which will make Alberta the truly GREAT jurisdiction that it can be. You have heard much talk about the 60% that don’t vote, that is the target . As long as the “mainstream parties” keep up their “muddled middle” message the 60% won’t vote and that will work just fine for the RIGHT and LEFT. Oh a few seats swing here and there, but for the most part, it works if the true voting public, not Party loyalists who will vote anyway, are disenfranchised, disillusioned and dispassionate about coming out to vote. Tell it like it REALLY IS, stand up and fight for what you truly believe in and I actually believe that the voter turnout will increase substantially but not for the mainstream. I truly believe also that the hearts and minds of many loyalists can change as well if they listen to their Party’s TRUE voice and decide whether or not that vision of Alberta is ultimately the one they want. I believe that we MUST incentivize our citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote. I trust we can do that with HONEST message not a mandated process.

Gordon Chaffin, an American moderate says it best in his blog that we moderates, Centrists need some swagger. We must fight for the CENTRE and take issue with the monikers of “wishy washy, indecisive fencesitters”. No, WE ARE THE MAJORITY. We need to fight for that territory by respectfully exposing the “mushy, watered down message” that the “political poles” are espousing”.

So as I draw to a close I think perhaps I’m watching the bench clear on both sides. Great, let’s have the Battle FOR Alberta. When you come out though don’t just dance around, land some real policy punches. I look forward to the debate. Give us your TRUE policies, I will give you ours right back. I believe we can and will change the hearts and minds of Albertans if all of Alberta’s political parties stop vying for the Centre and play our positions. I’m not moving off Centre though.

~ by lotsofenergy aka Chris D. Tesarski on January 10, 2011.

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