Book of Luke Ch. 22-24 Easter Sunday, Were you there… I was.

I have been teaching from the Book of Luke… yes that book of Luke. I am a believer that the author wrote Luke/Acts, as a sort of handbook for the early Christian church and that they need to be regarded as one document. Sort of a 2 volume set designed to do the same thing… bolster faith, at a time when having said faith was not exactly considered the best decision you could make in terms of daily subsistence in a pretty rough place, the 1st and early 2nd Century CE, Judeo-Roman world. My class has asked that I would post my lessons online. I also will include some of my other discussions as well. For some of you this might be a whaaat??? moment. Since when did the crazy oil and gas/politics/arts/centrist guy start ruminating on the Gospels…

I have decided that a bunch of this is stuff that probably is what I should have been writing about, could have been writing about and probably if I was honest wanted to write about.

I hope you find what I have to say helpful or interesting or thought provoking in some way. If not then maybe it will be entertaining for you. Please feel free to comment, discuss, disagree, challenge, share with others. If it in any way helps you or others you can let me know. You know it is like the diner that says “if you like our service tell others, if not keep it to yourself” ;o)

Blessings on you!

Chris Tesarski

~ by lotsofenergy aka Chris D. Tesarski on April 5, 2015.

2 Responses to “Book of Luke Ch. 22-24 Easter Sunday, Were you there… I was.”

  1. Go for it Chris …

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