Palm Sunday… Luke 19-21 A Cross BEFORE a Crown.

The Kingdom of God… isn’t about just doing “enough” to get by. Palm Sunday is the joyous reminder of how much and how great a gift we’ve been given. Jesus wants us to look for a return on that investment. Burying our gifts and “talents” and “showing up” aren’t what he asks of us. We seem to have a misguided concept of hundreds of thousands of people carpeting dusty Jerusalem with palm branches and pastel colored robed children running down the streets singing songs… chances are his FOLLOWERS tried to organize a parade. HOPEFULLY to draw as many people to the cause as possible. HOPEFULLY to usher in the KINGDOM, the CROWN! But Jesus’ kingdom wasn’t and isn’t of THIS WORLD or of that day in Jerusalem, he knew a CROSS lay ahead. The FOLLOWERS and the bandwagon Passover visitors and handfuls of people that turned out to welcome him that knew of his teaching and knew of his WORKS, would be faced with life altering decisions a week later. A CROSS HAD TO PRECEDE THE CROWN. Now what would they do? Follow on, despite the cost, and despite the CROSS or turn and flee? Or “just believe” and keep it to themselves. Time would tell and the return on the investment Jesus made into THEIR life would be soon known. The fact I’m even teaching this and blogging it tells you what many truly did with the truth of the kingdom. They went ALL IN on their investment, and here we are. They knew that the CROSS was necessary for the CROWN of the Kingdom of God.

~ by lotsofenergy aka Chris D. Tesarski on April 6, 2015.

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