Acts 3-5, The Seeds Begin to Grow… AND TAKE ROOT!

What did Jesus say… scatter the seed. Some falls on rocks. Some on thorny ground. Some lands where the soil is shallow. Some lands on fertile topsoil. The early church was like that wasn’t it? The 2015 church is like that isn’t it? BUT the seeds start to grow AND take root as we move into Acts. Preparing us for what is to come. He could’ve called 10,000 Angels to control the world and set himself free, but he died alone for you and for me AND NOW instead of bringing in the angelic force he goes back to the same formula WOMEN, fishermen, tax collectors…

The revelation of God starts with eons of “knowing God is out there… somewhere”. It moves for 3 short years into God dwelling amongst us in the dusty backwater of Judea, the keys to the Kingdom entrusted to… well probably not the most reliable gang in town, BUT God has a plan. Now he dwells amongst us by the power of His Holy Spirit. Though that same spirit, the impossible becomes possible and the message, the same message 2000 years later TAKES ROOT!

~ by lotsofenergy aka Chris D. Tesarski on April 27, 2015.

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