Acts 9-11ish… The Great MOTHER Church is Born

I told one of our class members I was going to somehow tie MOTHERS DAY into the book of Acts… This may end up being historical! I prayed a lot about it and with a bit of stretching of Scripture… I think I might have pulled something off. Readers can judge for themselves.

Our Senior Pastor came in to the class and I forgot to turn on the recorder… but here’s what I did manage to record. A happy and blessed Mothers Day to all who may listen. Know that the MOTHER Church is about just that, the instinctual response of the church, that should be to care and to nurture those who walk through our doors. For millenia it has been the selfless acts of love and service of our women that has been the mortar that has built the church.

Teaching and preaching is all well and good but what comes after… Love. Selfless love and service. Modeled by the early church, lived out by amazing women everyday.


Never judge a book by its cover… Acts 9:13-15

Everything can be fixed with a good meal… 9:19, 10:10

A wicker basket will always come in handy 9:25

When you get up, make your bed 9:34


Just because someone seems different than you doesn’t mean they’re bad… Acts 10

you’ll always feel better after a bath 10:47

A soft answer turns away wrath Acts 11:4 onwards

Always be proud of your name..  Acts 11:26

It’s never the “dads house” you go play at… ;o) 12:12

~ by lotsofenergy aka Chris D. Tesarski on May 11, 2015.

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